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Tesco PLC is the third-largest retail establishment in the world based on its gross revenue. Tesco also ranks at position nine attributed to its revenue. With such statistics, it is evident that such a large company must have many employees on its payroll. 

Indeed, Tesco has more than three thousand employees, both part-time and full-time. However, maintaining such a large crowd is not a lean task. On the contrary, it requires a lot of planning and overheads to mitigate the number. 

Tesco opted for a database that could house the information of all the employees, which made management and access to services very easy both on the employer and the employees’ sides.

This database shortened the queues heading to the finance office by making it possible for employees to access their payment information online and serve themselves.

It means that anyone in the company can see their financial information at any given time or location. Access to this database is available to current employees and previous employees wishing to view their financial history.

Payslipview For Tesco Employees

Tesco used an online portal called Payslipview to actuate this online self-service. However, as stated above, the portal is only accessible to current and previous employees. In addition, there is a caution warning unauthorized users from accessing the portal at the login page as it will trigger a breach of data regulations, which is a crime under the law.

Therefore, we can say that a portal is a learning tool for the employees to get well-versed in their financial activity and stay updated. So for one to access the portal, there is the crucial stage of logging in.

This stage might look like an inconvenience, but it helps ensure one’s financial information security and privacy. Furthermore, it should be a straightforward process for some people who encounter problems while logging in. So we will look at the logging-in process and possible issues that might come up, and how to deal with them.

Logging In To Tesco Payslipview Portal

  • Logging in to the payslip view portal will first require the employee number. An employee number is an eight-digit number provided by the HR office.
  • Also, you will need the activation code sent to you via your email address during registration. You can also find the activation code at the bottom of the Tesco payslip portal. 
  • Now, when logging in, you first need to open the payslip website ( This link gives you access to the login page, where you will find a form prompting you to input some information.
  • You will need to provide the relevant employee number, the password you set during registration, and the activation code on the login page. This information should be accurate for you to gain access to the portal. 
  • Keep in mind that you will not always use the same security code to activate your payslip. It will change regularly to ensure that if a third party sees your activation code, they cannot use it in the future to access your information.
  • It then gives you the responsibility of checking the activation code regularly to see if you have a new one. However, you do not have to worry if you fail to check for the new activation code.
  • You will receive a hard copy of the activation code every four weeks together with your physical payslip. 

To further enhance security, the user will have to answer a security question of their choosing.

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You can also contact the service center during working hours if you need help with your activation code. 

Possible Issues On Logging In And How To Deal With Them

Having challenges with logging into the payslipview portal is a common problem with common reasons for the failure. The major issue among many users is inputting the wrong credentials. 

  • The first credential required as you log in is the eight-digit employee number. Ensure that you key in the correct numbers. The best practice is to copy and paste the numbers to ensure that you are entering accurate digits. 
  • The second credential is the password. Most people have a challenge remembering their passwords, especially with the requirement of the payslipview portal. In addition, the need to have at least eight characters with a mix of special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers makes the password complicated.
  • So, it is advisable to write down your password somewhere inaccessible to other people if you will have trouble remembering it.
  • The next most common issue is insufficient or no internet connectivity. When working with portable devices, you might find yourself in a location with slow internet or poor signal. Also, when working in a busy environment with a lot of movement, there might be loose cables that might slow down the internet or no connectivity at all.
  • So, we advise that you always check if your internet is working fine and that the internet speeds can sustain the operation you wish to perform.
  • If all of the above strategies fail, try using a different device to log in. In most cases, your device could be using some setting that inhibits access to specific sites. Especially if you are using a new device where the security setting blocks the site you are trying to access. 
  • You might also try switching the browsers you are using. Sometimes you find a site working on one browser and failing on another. It could be because of outdated, unsupported browsers.
  • If this fails, try changing the service provider if you have that flexibility. Different companies have different policies on access to certain websites, which could be why you are having trouble. 
  • Another uncommon but effective solution is clearing your cookies and cache. It helps remove temporary site files that could be blocking your connection. 
  • Finally, ensure that you are accessing the correct portal. For example, Tesco has two outlets which are and
  • The first portal is for general employee information, including timesheets, holidays, work schedules, and other relevant information.
  • On the other hand, Payslipview only deals with financial matters. So, ensure that you have the right link to access the correct portal.

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Logging in should be a straightforward process that should not give anyone any challenges. However, the stringent security measures complicate the process a little more. Also, the flexibility to work from anywhere contributes to the having challenge in logging in.

However, there is always a solution to any issue. If you have a challenge logging in, follow the above guide, and all your troubles will go away. If all these strategies fail, you can always contact the service desk for assistance.

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