Payslip view Employee Login Requirements

Employees of Tesco can access their payslips online through the online portal. However, to access the portal, one must have an account. Therefore, when you become their employee, an account is created for you.

Tesco Payslip can only be accessed by the employees. Therefore, if you are not an employee of Tesco, you cannot access the Payslipview portal.

The portal has several advantages. The main advantage of the portal is that employees can be accessed and view their past payslips on the portal. In addition, employees can access their information on the portal.

The portal is also essential as employees do not need to go to the offices to view their payslips. Instead, all they need to do is to log in to their accounts and view their payslips.

What Is Tesco Payslipview?

It is an online portal that was created for Tesco employees to view their previous payslips. Through the portal, employees get to know their monthly or even weekly salary and any deductions made in their accounts.

Some of the deductions include taxes or even loans if the company owes them. Therefore, all Tesco employees are required to have an online account when they start working with them.

Since Tesco has several branches with the creation of the portal, it has reduced congestion in their offices. For example, before the invention of the portal, employees used to go and view their payslips in the company’s offices. It caused a lot of congestion, but with the creation of the portal, employees can view their payslips online, which helps save on time.

Tesco Payslipview Portal Requirements

When logging or creating an account, there are requirements you need to submit.

  •         Employee ID/Numberwhen logging into your account, you will be required to submit your employee number. For example, every employee of Tesco gets an employee number when they start working for the company.
  •         Activation Code – this is a four-digit code found on your previous payslips. If you’ve forgotten, the company will issue a new one the fourth week of the month.
  •         Passwordyou will be required to enter the password you chose when registering your account.

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How To Register Payslipview Account

If you are a new employee of Tesco, you will be required to have an online account once you join the company. The account creation is effortless. Follow the steps below to know how to create an account.

  •         Go to the official website
  •         Then, click on the ‘Register button.’
  •         After clicking the Register button, a new page will open.
  •         Enter your work details, employee number, Date Of Birth, your name, email address, and your desired password on the new page that opens.
  •         After filling in the required details, click on the register button.
  •         Your account will be created.

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Password Rules When Creating A Payslipview Account

When registering your account as a new or even current employee, there are several rules to follow when choosing the right password for your account. The following are rules that should be kept in mind while changing passwords.

  •         Your password length should be not less than eight characters.
  •         Your password should have one unique character.
  •         Password should have one upper case and one lower case character.

How To Log In to TESCO Payslipview Account

Step 1: Go To The Official Website

The first step is to go to Tesco’s official website which is

Step 2: Click On Mobile View Or Desktop View

Choose the device you want to view your payslips with. Choose one that you want, either the mobile view or desktop view and click continue.

Step 3: Enter Employee Number

On the blank field that pops, enter your employee number.

Step 4: Click Continue

When you are done filling in your employee number, click the continue button. It will lead you to another page. You will be required to fill in your activation code, Date Of Birth, and Captcha Code.

Step 5: Enter Activation Code, Date Of Birth, and Captcha Code

After clicking continue, another page opens where you will be required to enter your activation code, Date Of Birth, and Captcha Code.

Step 6: Click Continue

When you enter the activation code, Date Of Birth, and Captcha Code, click the continue button. It will lead you to a new page.

Step 7: Enter Your Password

Enter your password and click on ‘log in’.

Step 8: Log In To Your Account

Click the login button, and you will be logged in. You can now view your previous payslips.

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Any additional information you need to know on Tesco Payslipview portal requirements always feels free to ask. The article has provided all the required information that you to know. In case of any additional information, you can contact customer care for assistance.

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