Understanding Tesco Payslips

Tesco is one of the leading supermarkets in the United Kingdom and has a sizable share globally. On a global scale, it is ranked as the third-largest company in the retail sector based on gross revenue and ninth in retail revenue.

The company opened in 1919, running under Tesco Express, Tesco Extra, and Tesco banners. It has over three thousand outlets with several subsidiaries and sub-brands under its umbrella. 

The majority of the employees belong to the Tesco brand. However, it is a mix of part-time and full-time workers. Because of the large number, the company saw the need to have a database to manage employee affairs. It made it easy to transact payments and ensure accountability for all the employees. 

The company also sought to reduce the traffic to the finance office and cost of mailing by automating the payroll system and providing access to payslips to the employees online. This move gave the workers direct access to their financial information, which has been the trend.

Even workers that are no longer employees at Tesco can access their previous record if need be. In addition, the system provides for payslips and other functionalities such as overtime hours done by an employee, leave days taken, tasks one should complete, the number of holidays available, and work schedules. 

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Tesco Payslip View

Suppose you are an employee at Tesco of one of the company affiliates. First, you need to be aware of the available portals and which ones will take you to your payslip. For starters, two portals include OurTesco.com and Payslipview.com.

The first link will take you to the general portal, where you can find all non-pay slip functionalities. The Payslipview.com option is here. Next, you find your Tesco payslip. For you to access this site, you need to have an account. For a new employee, you will need to register first.

Registering An Account On Tesco Payslipview Portal

The registration process is quite simple. But, first, you will need a few essential components: your employee number, names, email address, and password. You can access the employee number from the HR office.

Then you can access www.Payslipview.com, and it will prompt you for the number. Enter it, then click continue. From there, follow the instructions and input the required information. 

Keep in mind that the username and password are what you will be using to log in to the portal in the future. So ensure that you set something that is easy for you to remember.

The rule for setting that password is that it should be eight characters, be a combination of lower and upper case letters, at least a number, and special characters. This set of rules is for security purposes.

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Logging In To Tesco Paysliview

If the registration process was successful, it should be easy for you to log in. But, first, the system will send a verification code to your email address to verify your email.

Upon login, you will need to enter the verification code and the username and password that you created on the registration part. The code will change regularly, and you can find the current code on your previous payslip. 

Understanding Your Tesco PaySlip

Upon successful login, the system will redirect you to your payslip. Although it may seem like a simple task if you have little experience with Tesco payslips, it might be a bit confusing.

It is a detailed document with a lot of information that might confuse you. To help you understand how to interpret your payslip, we will expound on its features.

Quote: This quote will help you if you have a challenge of a question concerning the payroll. This quote may consist of a three-digit pay group code and a four-digit branch code. You will need to use these quotes when raising a query concerning your payslip.

Personal details: Here, you will find all your personal information according to what you submitted when you first joined the company. The information includes the number of hours you worked and your hourly rate.

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This section also includes administrative information such as your tax reference, tax code number, and national insurance number.

Holiday information: Gone are the days when you will need to go through many paperwork to check on the leave days taken and any holiday entitlement you might have. Instead, the system tabulates the days you still have for your vacation and list the taken holidays in detail. 

Payments: The primary objective of most people checking their payslips usually is to look at their payments. This section will give you a breakdown of all payments made to you and any deductions, if there are any. This information includes your gross pay, retirement savings, holiday pay, overtime pay, and any additional payment to you.

Benefits: This section gives details on all the benefits and discounts entitled to you. It includes allowances and financial breaks you get from the company.

Deductions: For the employed individual, there are mandatory and voluntary deductions on their pay. The Tesco payslip will indicate all the statutory and other relevant deductions. These include NI contribution, student loan payments, tax, house loan, and any additional deduction requested by you.

Four Digit activation code: For security purposes, Tesco measures to ensure that only the authorized individual access a particular payslip. They enforced this by encrypting the payslip, requiring a person to use the code to access the information. This code is unique to all employees, and it changes regularly. 

Net Pay: The bottom of the payslip will have your net pay. This refers to the money you take after all the deductions.

Contact information: The contact information allows the employees to access relevant offices whenever they have queries concerning their payslips. The contact information can also be useful when you need help with the activation codes for your payslip if they changed and you do not have hit or lost it at some point.


Where do I get the employee number?

You can get your employee number from your payslip, your employee card from the HR office.

What is the importance of the four-digit activation code?

The purpose of the activation code is to ensure that your payslip is secure and that you are the only one that can access it.

Who can view my payslip? 

The only person that should see your payslip is yourself. Nobody else should have access to your payslip.


Accessing your payslip does not have to be a tedious process with long lines and a lot of paperwork. Tesco gives its employees a flexible means to access their payslips and easily get help in case of any difficulty.

This article gives you a breakdown of how you can access your payslip on the Tesco Payslipview portal and explain the information you will find on the payslip.

If you are having trouble understanding the Tesco PaySlip, you will have an easy time after reading this.

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