View Your Tesco Payslip

Payslips often prove crucial to any employee in any organization. The paystub shows you the amount deposited by the organization you work for in your bank account and shows the deductions carried out on your salary.

Digitization and positioning of tech as a central player in the Tesco HR department become instrumental in allowing employees to view their paystubs and other crucial information about their pay. 

View Your Tesco Payslip at Tesco’s Portal

Tesco Group is a retail giant in the United Kingdom with multiple chains spread all across. Because of this and its business objective of sustaining profitability, it has employed thousands of staff to drive its business plan.

However, such a large workforce always requires elaborate management and information dissemination mechanisms. On this premise, the retail giant has incorporated the Tesco Payslip view to allow their employees to view their paystubs and P60 information virtually.

If you want to view your payslip or P60 information as a Tesco employee, you will have to register as an employee account holder at or Tesco portals.

Registration at the employee-centric portal will mark the start of your journey, as you will also have to sign in to your account to view these pieces of information. So what do you need to do to view your Tesco Payslip online?

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Account Registration on Payslipview and OurTesco Portals

Payslipview Portal

Once you get employed by Tesco Group, you have to register your employee account on the Payslipview portal to access useful information on your pay and other aspects such as taxation.

So what steps do you need to take to register yourself on the Tesco Payslipview platform successfully? Consider the following steps.  

  • Pull out your digital device (tablet, smartphone, or laptop) and open your browser. You then have to search for URL to land on the correct Payslipview website.
  • Once you have opened the homepage, click the dial marked “register.”
  • You will then get redirected to a new page, after which getting prompted. You should enter your crucial details, such as your name, account, work, and employee number information.
  • At this stage, you have to conjure up a unique password that you will use for login purposes whenever you want to access your account on the platform.
  • Click the button marked register once you finish entering the required information.

Password Creation and Password Reset Process

It would help if you had an effective and strong password for your account registration process on the Payslipview portal. Therefore, you must comprehend how to construct an excellent password, as such a password becomes pivotal in securing your account from prying eyes or unauthorized access.

Additionally, strong passwords safeguard your employee and other sensitive payment information. So for you to develop a strong and effective password, you should consider the following aspects.

  • You have to consider incorporating at least one lower or upper case letter in your password.
  • It also becomes pivotal to add at least one number of characters as part of your password.
  • Another critical aspect of your password composition entails incorporating a Special character such as “&*(), etc.,” to increase the complexity level of your password and prevent anyone from guessing it right and accessing your employee account.
  • Most significantly, you also have to ensure that your password possesses at least eight characters.

You can find yourself in a spot in specific instances by forgetting your passcode or username, which can lock you out of your Payslipview account. Therefore, you have to consider the following corrective steps to recover your account for such rare incidences by resetting your password.

  • Open your browser on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and enter the URL.
  • You will then get redirected onto a new page where all you do entails clicking the tab marked “login assistance.” Here, you will get more directions on how to go about the reset process. 
  • At this stage, you need to provide all the necessary details required. You can then set your new password and submit it.
  • It becomes crucial to write down the new password somewhere for future reference to forget it again. However, remember to write and keep it somewhere that no one else can access and use it to get into your account.

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OurTesco Portal

You can also get valuable information about your payslips by viewing the portal. All you need in this instance entails account registration on the portal and log in to the account.

The registration and login process proves similar to the one on the Payslipview portal though you have to search for to get to the official webpage. From this point, you have to go to the register button, follow the instructions, and set your username and password before registering.

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Process of Logging In

It becomes impossible to view your tax or payslip information on the Tesco Payslipview portal without logging into your account. Therefore, you will have to register yourself as an account holder besides understanding the entire login process. 

The Detailed Process

If you are a Tesco employee and want to view your payslip, completing the login process is essential. Try and consider the steps below to succeed. 

  • Whether your smartphone or laptop, on your digital device, open your browser and type in URL. The search should lead to a new page on the Payslipview portal.
  • Enter your payroll number or employee number and proceed by clicking “continue.” You will get to a new landing page.
  • Type in the four-digit activation code contained on your payslip. Follow this by entering your birth date besides the captcha code.  
  • You then have to enter your passcode before going to the “login” button and clicking on it.
  • Congratulations! You will see your payslip and related information at this point.

You have to ensure that you have all the necessary details to log in and view your payslip details. The prerequisites include your employment or payroll number and your Tesco payslip activation code.


Your Tesco payslip proves crucial when it comes to planning and understanding your remuneration from Tesco. It, therefore, becomes essential to view your paystubs, something that becomes possible with the existence of Tesco Group’s Payslipview and Our Tesco portals.

If you get gainfully employed, use the information contained in the article to register, log in, and view your payslip information.

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